Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caught Lead-Footed!

I am a felon. Well, maybe not a gun-toting, bank-robbing, car-jacking felon, but I did get caught speeding evidently. Seems like such a thing should be fairly obvious--what with the flashing red lights, the frustrated officer and the ticket. But no! I was caught by one of those traffic cameras, and on my home from the temple, no less. How's that for feeling like a hypocrite?

There are evidently several of these cameras on Connecticut Avenue where the speed limit is 35 mph, regardless of what the flow of the traffic may lead you to believe. It was a fairly hefty fine too . . . but luckily no points. Judging from the traffic flow, Montgomery County may have the financial equivalent of Park Place and Boardwalk on that street alone!

Fair enough. . . I deserve it. I have to say it has served as a deterrent to accidentally zipping along. I am far more conscious of my speedometer and I now notice these little camera-cops everywhere.

Big Brother is here, and I am currently in time-out!

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