Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wanna save $10,000 this year? Guess what it takes? Only $27.40 a day!

Sounds crazy at first, but do the math. That little bit each day adds up to $10,000!

That gave me a great, new fiduciary perspective. How many days have thirty dollars just evaporated on items I can't even remember? How many times have I spent that amount of money on a whim? Or on a "bargain"? I can walk through the toy department and drop that on my grandchildren in a heart beat.

I'm going to start looking at everything differently. For example, a $30.00 blouse is now 1/365 of $10,000! And the difference between a $10.00 entree at the Cracker Barrel and a $30.00 entree at The Outback is half a day's progress towards a small fortune! Tom thinks we should actually try to "pay" ourselves $27.40 a day!

I guess it all goes back to the old adage that the people who accumulate wealth are the ones who actually understand the value of a penny. I think a lot of us have under-appreciated the cumulative power of "small change". But times are changing, and if $27.40 can become $10,000, than maybe there's more hope and security than we realized in all our loose change!

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