Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've been "blog-awol" lately. After weeks of pushing hard to complete the revisions on Dawn's Early Light, we headed straight into vacation, a week of babysitting, and now we're prepping the house for a wedding open house.

Do any of you panic at the thought of hosting the wedding open house back in your home town? I thought I had made peace with the occasional dust bunny under the sofa and the toast crumbs in the silverware drawer. In fact, we have so many ward functions here, people jokingly refer to us as the chapel annex. But the thought of new people passing through. . . those who haven't yet fallen in love with my adorable housekeeping mediocrity . . . that makes me panic.

So we're removing the ducky wallpaper from our son's bedroom so his bride won't cancel the marriage deal, and we're hiring lots of professionals--teen aged weed-pullers, painters, and the Merry Maids--to help us whip this place into shape.

We call it the marriage make-over--a tri-yearly or so event whereby we shake off our comfort and really scrutinize the cupboard to determine how many of those empty Cool-Whip bowls we really need. I'll let you know once we've determined the final figure.

I'm do plan to blog hard next week. I have a review of a fantasy book titled Bone Warriors I'll be posting. It's a satisfying fantasy, but you'll be amazed when you discover that it's written by a fifteen year-old whiz kid named Bron Bahlmann. It's worth getting this book for your kids just so they can see what amazing things they can accomplish. I'll also be interviewing Bron next week, so pop in and read about this uber-youth.

Gotta run and pull down the last duckie. . . Have a wonderful weekend!

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