Saturday, January 22, 2011


My daughters-in-law, two gym-enthusiasts, tuned me into the newest exercise-craze--Zumba Dancing--which is a mix of Latin, Caribbean, and African rhythms and moves. The music was energizing, and who of us hasn't dreamed of knocking out a sexy Samba on the living room rug?

I always pork up during every intense writing project, (it's a gift) from sloughing off exercise and snacking instead of eating proper meals. One day, when I was reduced to pulling out a pair of "larger-sized-I'll-starve-before-I-succumb-to-wearing-these-again" jeans, (have some of those?) I saw an advertisement on TV for Zumba DVD's and Rhythm Sticks. I bought some.

The reason was two-fold. I needed an exercise that didn't bore me so I'd be encouraged to yank on my fleece (you'll appreciate this older post about my exercise-attire-swagger) , plus I wanted to up my cool, with-it, on-board quotient with my girls, even though I know that the very act of using those words, and feeling a need to do it, means the cause is highly doomed to failure.

I've been Zumba-ing all week. Now mind you, I broke the introductory session into a three-day program. (Not the introductory DVD, the introductory, explanatory, show-you-how-to-do-the-moves session...)

The results? My feet ache, my calves throb, my arms are ouchy and my back is a bit sore. But what did Jane Fonda say bout exercise? "Feel the burn?" It must be working some muscles!

All-in-all, I love it! I don't dread popping in the DVD and I already feel some changes in my core. Does it meet it's promise that I'll feel sexy? (Insert a loud guffaw right there.) Right now I tightly shut the blinds because a peek at the Laurie-Zumba show could be considered a crime against humanity, and if anyone filmed this and put it on Youtube it would become an instant, viral humiliation of epic proportions.

Seriously, the important thing is that I may have found something that even if performed awkwardly and clumsily, seems fun and effective. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I modify some of the moves, but I think if I pair this with the stretching benefits of a very basic and clumsily-performed Pilates DVD, I can get maintain an enjoyable cardio and stretching program that takes only 30 minutes and keeps me moving.


  1. Laughing out loud. Crime against humanity. LOVE YOU LAURIE!

  2. Thanks, Shellie! You're laughing because you've got a mental picture! You know what I'm talking about! Love to my favorite Arizonians!