Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sometimes it's nice to focus on what's great in the world, a one little child shows how a little compassion, and a great idea can make a difference.

When Nick Jr. featured a piece on how kids could help the suffering people of Japan, Adriana Scott, age 5, took it to heart and made a plan to hold a cupcake sale to sell 100 cupcakes a $2.00 a piece.

A Facebook page was set up to advertise, and Ravens linebacker, Ray Rice heard about her project, and then things really took off.

Judi Stull, a friend of Adrianna's mother and a volunteer baker, said of the event, "All of the cake mixes and frosting were donated, the fire hall, the DJ, the prizes, everything was donated by people wanting to help. I haven’t heard a final count yet but they had raised over $600 BEFORE they even sold one cupcake."

Judi and many others donated 100 cupcakes to help Adriana meet the orders pouring in.

You can read the rest of the story and enjoy the heart-warming photos on the web site of the local paper, The Glen Burnie Patch, who name little Adriana Scott the Patch Whiz Kid of the Week.

I'm sure they'll still welcome cash donations for anyone who would like to multiply this project. Visit her page at Cupcake Rescue for the Children of Japan.

Making great history is better than reading about the old stuff. Way to go, Adriana!


  1. That's a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just accidentally came across this blog. Adriana is my daughter and you would be proud to know she is keeping up the good work. She actually helped Ray Rice feed the hungry this Thanksgiving. We made and donated 1000 cupcakes with the help of the village that supports her with donations. :) Not sure how I can across this today but thank you for writing about Adriana.

    1. Thanks so much for filling us in on Adriana's continued good works. She is amazing, but I'm sure she is following her good parents' example. Adriana is a great example of the power of 1.