Thursday, June 2, 2011


I recently posted on Facebook that I had found a misplaced piece of critical electronic research which brought me great relief and no small amount joy. It was critical because it was the most comprehensive report on an event I'm using in "In God Is Our Trust," an event many people will think is too over-the-top to be true. I needed proof.

It's often the case in historical research, that the truth is far more compelling than any fiction we could write, creating two dilemmas--the above-mentioned need for corroboration, and the difficulty in writing believable fiction that matches that level of real tension or conflict.

I can't tell you what I found without giving away a major plot line in the book, but I can tell you it occurred in Philadelphia, and that it changes the lives of one of our most beloved characters. You'll hate what happens, but you'll turn pages furiously to a satisfying resolution. And it's all based on real events.

I spoke with my publishers a few days ago, and explained that this manuscript is becoming more complex than I imagined, so we're pushing the release back to late summer. I apologize for that, but I need this book to answer everything, to resolve every plot line, and to satisfy you and me. And it will, just a bit later than we planned.

In other news, I never got around to mailing the set of books to Glenn Beck yet. I can't explain why, but now I'm ready. We're boxing them up in this amazing White House humidor, and sending them off this week. We'll see what happens next.

My web site is locked up, so we need to redo that as well. Lots going on. Crazy days right now, but a good kind of crazy.

Thanks so much!

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