Monday, September 30, 2013


Today's Grandma nugget:

I was doing a happy dance for the grandkids' entertainment. My grandson eyed my dance with curious attention which I acknowledged.

"Grandma isn't a very good dancer, is she, Brady?"

"Let me see it again," he suggested.

I took the movements down a notch, hoping to look less awkward. Still, he eyed me curiously with a dubious frown.
"I guess Grandma really can't dance very well after all," I confessed.

"No, Grandma. You're a good dancer."

A moment of deep reflection ensued, during which Brady replayed his family's most recent Family Home Evening lesson on the importance of honesty and repentance.

Afterwards, he gave me the best fake smile he could muster adding, "Sorry, Grandma. That was a lie."

So truth won out, and the vote came in. Grandma can still boogie, but she isn't very good.

1 comment:

  1. lol lol Out of the mouth of babes. :) It reminded me of being with my 8 year old grandson and the music was on and I started to dance and asked him to help me out because I knew he was a great dancer. (wink, wink) well he said I would grandma but you're too old and you may get hurt. lol lol
    Carol L