Friday, April 25, 2014

It's The LDStorymaker's Writing Conference Time!!!

Hundreds of giddy writing nerds, (I proudly include myself in there), many of whom are commercially published authors, are converging in Layton, Utah for the annual LDStorymakers' Writers' Conference.

The generosity of this group never ceases to amaze me as dozens of volunteers log hundreds of hours to plan and organize this three-day masterful writing workshop.

The Storymakers' fundamental purpose is to instruct writers, promote talent, and to elevate to the quality of the written word. To that end successful, publishing experts teach the classes, sharing their insights and strategies for creating, publishing, and marketing great books. They'll share tips, war stories, and the sorrows of rejection, while encouraging and cheering the group on. It's awesome.

This little graphic made me laugh. It reminds us that writing is work, and we need to get or satisfaction out of the process, because outside praise can be thin and sparse.

Write on!

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