Monday, September 25, 2017


Every book lover has found a few authors, (hopefully me included) whose books speak personally to them, either easing them away from their current cares, or tackling hard topics with characters whose perspective or courage or humor inspires or challenges them in new ways. These are authors and books we cherish.

But what happens when we've read through that author's catalog and seek out new books and new voices? It can be tricky. And costly. We've all read a book we've wanted to toss across the room, or set on a cafe table and walk away from.  That's a big financial ouch if we've bought it.

Here's a risk-free promo for HISTORICAL FICTION lovers. My Book Cave Promos has gathered 15 authors, myself included, who are offering one of their historical e-books for free in exchange for a chance to put their work in front of you and hopefully add you to their list of loyal readers. Click the pic above to peruse the titles and select books. You can also enter to win a $25 gift card!

I'm offering "In God is Out Trust," volume 5 of Free Men and Dreamers. Readers can also pick up volume three for free as well at Now you're on your way to owning a much beloved series set against the back drop of the War of 1812.

Try out these other wonderful authors' books for free!

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