Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One of the greatest talks I have ever heard was given by then Elder Holland who was then the President of BYU. Entitled, "The Will Of the Father In All Things", it really causes one to pause and examine his or her own willingness to "go and do the things that the Lord has commanded". He reads this oft repeated and ascribed to scripture and asks, "Really? Always?"

The questions put the principle of obedience front and center. I believe we could all quickly raise our hands and say that we "want" to "go and do what the Lord has commanded" and we desire to do them "at all times, and in all things and in all places", but most of us, me at least, would have to admit that I still have a ways to go. And for that I gratefully accept and embrace the Atonement of Christ.

Life is an interesting take-home test--an open book examination with the answers provided. Our job is to solve each of the problems, showing every step of our work, demonstrating that we not only know the correct answer, but that we can actually apply the principles necessary in order to achieve it.

Elder Holland points out that when Christ appeared to the people at the temple in Bountiful, they were probably still reeling from the devastation they had endured months earlier. Hungry for comfort and understanding, their expectations were likely deep and high. Waiting anxiously for the Lord's first directed words, they knew the first utterance would be critical. And what was it? A declaration of His obedience. . . "I have done the will of the Father."

I know what happens in my heart when I am more consistent in meeting this standard. You do too. There is mighty power in rightouesness. Imagine. It's staggering, isn't it?

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