Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm going to begin running a little list in the corner entitled "A 52 WEEK FOOD STORAGE PLAN". Each week I'll list a item and by week 52, we could or should have a well-rounded jump on our food storage.

Also, here's another way to save our "Benjamins". Did you know that certain months are notoriously wonderful times to purchase certain items? It's true. According to AOL's financial gurus, the following is a good list of when to shop and save on particular categories of goods.

January: Buy Bedding | Cookware | Toys
February: Buy MP3 Players| Treadmills | Indoor Furniture
March: Buy Desktop Computers | Humidifiers | Winter Coats
April: Buy Spring Clothing | Digital Cameras
May: Buy Cordless Phones | Athletic Apparel
June: Buy Computers | Summer Sports Gear | Swimwear
July: Buy Computers | Indoor Furniture | Outdoor Furniture
August: Buy Air Conditioners | Lawn Mowers | Camping Equipment
September: Buy Gas Grills | Landscaping Equipment | Bikes
October: Buy Digital Cameras | Winter Coats
November: Buy Leaf Blower | Toys
December: Buy TVs | Bikes | Grills | Computers

Some of these deals are common sense--end of season closeouts and pre-season specials--but it still bears repeating that when we buy can have a huge impact on savings.

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