Monday, May 11, 2009


A friend sent this link to me today. If you're like me, what you see will make you think twice about where and how you carry your cell phone. George Orwell, are you out there?


  1. THAT is really scary. I wonder if it has to do with the fact most phones now are 'smart phones' with SIM chips in them. If that's part of it then it makes me glad my cell is a dinosaur that's over six years old now, without a SIM chip.
    Very Very Creepy. *When I switched my phone number for several months I had people prank calling my phone. We called the phone carrier, Verizon, and they said there was nothing they could do on their end, I think they could block the number but it was going to cost money to do so. Eventually I was around during one of the calls, most were voice mail messages left on my phone, and when I answered and confronted the person they never called back again. I think I was lucky in that she sounded like a Middle-Schooler so it was probably just rude kids as opposed to a stalker, yet still annoying.

  2. I was most disturbed to hear that a cell phone in "off" mode but sitting on a table can act like a microphone and carry your conversations to a listener with the right software. In short, nothing is private anymore. Wow! What great progress we've made. . .

  3. Sorta makes you want to carry around your cell in your purse in a lockbox or a heavy leather case or something to muffle the noise. *It's weird though, I don't think I ever actually sit my cell on a table, it just gets tossed in the purse or shoved in the jeans pocket when we're going out ... Imagine someone trying to listen to your phone in your pocket and all they get is the sound of your femeral artery!* Yeah, I'm weird, I know.
    I also find it scary that they can activate that 'speaker' mode without you knowing. I mean, wouldn't you think the phone would blip or something to signal that the speaker has been turned on? Then again you can turn the button beeping sounds on and off so maybe that's what the hacker does before they 'call in' and listen on speaker?

  4. I think the majority of us are safe. I think the "Snooper" needs access to your phone to upload the "snooping" the software. I worry about kids who pass their phones around or who set them on a table and walk away. Or women in a less than good relationship. Their exes could easily install this and know everything they do, everyone they speak to, every word they say.