Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My family will tell you that I know nothing about current music, and that social deficit is due primarily because I hardly ever listen to the radio. Instead, I love to listen to addresses from former LDS Church conferences.

I've listened to some five or six times over before I finally get around to switching out the CD, but one talk that I will probably never tire of is Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's final talk. It was from the October 2008 Conference titled. "Come What May and Love It".

I doubt anyone who heard it didn't laugh and feel better after that wonderful address, but I laughed so hard I skimmed right past some of the spiritual treasures it included. This little section is one of my favorites and it grabbed my attention again the other day:

The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude.
One of the blessings of the gospel is the knowledge that when the curtain of death signals the end of our mortal lives, life will continue on the other side of the veil. There we will be given new opportunities. Not even death can take from us the eternal blessings promised by a loving Heavenly Father.
Because Heavenly Father is merciful, a principle of compensation prevails.

He added that we are not intended to gloss over sorrow and pretend everything is fine when tragedy strikes, but he reminded us that faith in the Lord and in His promise of compensation should help us carry on.

There is an old adage that sums this up nicely. "The Lord never closes a door without opening a window."

Lots of doors are closing these days, and new ones are opening as well. But by their very nature, we have to look up to see a window. Perhaps that's the very point.

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