Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's October 26th, the date I expected to be holding a copy of DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT in my hands, preparing for book signings, book launch parties. But that's not quite where we are. Arrrggghhh!!!!!!

Instead, I'm so sorry to say, we're delayed by about three weeks, but the printer feels confident that DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT will be available by Thanksgiving.

But there is lots of good news to celebrate:

The early reviews from people in the industry are wonderful. Those who have read the galley copy have graciously said they could highly recommend the book.

2) New readers, as well as those already invested in the series will love DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. It was written to serve as both a great stand-alone read as well as the seamless continuation of the epic Pearson saga as they experience the tumult of America during the War of 1812. So if you're new to the series you can begin here, or join those already invested in the series and begin with DARK SKY AT DAWN, and TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING to catch the entire story.

3) A twenty-one blogger Blog-Tour will begin on November 17th, running until December 18th. I'll post the entire list of blogs here by November 14th. There will be prizes and free book giveaways, so visit each blog on the tour and enter to win.

4) I'll be holding two signings in December at This is The Place Bookstore in Kensington, Maryland. Dates TBA.

5) A major distributor has signed on to carry DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT in their chain of stores.

Now: WHAT I'VE LEARNED (or re-learned) THIS GO-ROUND . . .

1) Best-case-scenario timetables are as rare as flying pigs, and even more rare than that in the publishing industry.

2) Editors are priceless.

3) Hire a PR person early.

4) Read the fine print, even in emails.

5) Be brave. Sometimes the president of a big, important company answers when you call.

6) I'm so grateful for generous friends in the business.

7) There is learning in every disaster.

8) Find the people in number 6 when number 7 happens. No one understands an author's pain like another author.

9) Hold on to the good stuff. One beautiful letter from a reader will literally make an author's heart soar, while one rejection letter can totally erase the impact of that good feedback in an instant. So learn from the hard stuff, but hold on to the good stuff.

10) Maintain a balanced life. Writing, like any art or talent, can engulf you.

11) Maintain perspective. This is, after all, just a book . . . not a person.

12) Give thanks often. Even on the bad days. There are so many more important things in life than work.

So thank you for indulging me. I'll soon have a new book to hold and hopefully you'll read it and it will touch your heart. If so, write and tell me. I promise, I'll smile!

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