Thursday, October 1, 2009


Books are like pumpkins--you wait a long, long time for them to finally be ready, and then their season comes, and you've got about six weeks to do something great with them or they go soft.
Pumpkins rot. Books get pulled from the "New Release" shelves to spend eternity growing dusty on some obscure shelf that serves as the literary equivalent of the Island for Misfit Toys. And we don't want that!

So we market, and market, and market. And because I really do think Dawn's Early Light is an eye-opening historical novel that will touch the patriot in each of us and make hearts swell, I'm asking for marketing help to spread the word of its upcoming release.

I'm mobilizing bloggers to read and post about Dawn's Early Light. Those bloggers who are selected for the tour can interview me, blog about the book, or both! I will be at your disposal, and hopefully this tour will drive traffic to your site as well.

So, if you have a blog and are interested in being a blog host, email me at with your blog's address. Once you're registerd this is how the blog tour will go:

1. All registered blogs will be posted on my web site and on my personal blog. Blog hosts will also be asked to post the names of all the other blog hosts on their sites.
2. I'll email you a pre-release copy of Dawn's Early Light. (See, there's a prize just for joining!)
3. Read and blog about the book or interview me during your assigned week.
4. Encourage your guests to make comments on your blog.
5. Copy and paste your comments to me on the last day of the blog tour.
6. All the names of the comment contributors will be placed in one drawing.
7. All the names of the blog hosts will be placed in another.
8. Winners in each category will receive an autographed copy of Dawn's Early Light and a unique handcrafted silver "Liberty" necklace made by Sterling Obsessions.
9. Other prizes, including books and kitchenware, will be given for the Best Blog Post, Best Comment, and the Blog Host with the Most Comments!

So email me at if you want to get on board the Dawn's Early Light Blog Tour!


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