Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wanna win some great prizes? Dinner for two at Applebee's? Always dreamed of being a crafty creator of handmade items worthy of presenting as beautiful gifts? Take it from one of the craft-challenged women in the world, sometimes you need a step-by-step guide to rev up the creative juices, and then a good supper to soothe the soul.

Wanna win and also help the aforementioned craft-challenged-author-person get the word out about her new book?

I'm expecting to hold the first copy of Dawn's Early Light in my hands in about a week. As exciting as that is, that's about three weeks behind the book's planned release date, so I need help to spread the news. In return, I'm offering a prize package worth almost $80 retail in books and gift certificates.

Book one is a guide to designing and creating beautiful handmade jewelry titled, Elegant Wire Jewelry, by Kathy Frey. Book two, Bits and Pieces, by Karen Costello Soltys, contains patterns and instructions for making eighteen small quilts. I'm also tossing in a $25 gift certificate to Applebee's, making the value of the prize package over $80!

Break the package up into three lovely Christmas gifts, or use the books to create beautiful handmade gifts for everyone on your list, then treat yourself to a nice Applebee's night out!

You can enter up to 4 times! Here's how:

1. Insert the image of my soon-to-be-released novel, DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT, on your blog sidebar with a link back to my web site at Then return and post a comment telling me the address of your blog site.

2. Would you like to enter again? Now post the cover image of DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT on your Facebook page with a link back to my web site. Send me a message when it's up and you'll get a second entry.

3. Wanna third entry? Post a link on Twitter.

4. Fourth? Become a Follower of this blog.

The drawing will be November 20th. Lots of time to enter, lots of chances to win!

And as always, thanks for your support of my books!


Laurie LC Lewis


  1. Hi!
    I want to enter your drawing!

    1. I posted a note on twitter:

    2. I posted a blog entry and a sidebar link on my blog:

    3. I posted a note on Facebook and included the link to your website. (I have no idea how to post the picture and attach the link to it ... I tried to figure it out but failed ... I only barely figured out how to post a picture with a link on the blogger sidebar ... apparently the 'code' doesn't carry over from blogger to Facebook ...)

    4. I also posted an advertisement on my personal livejournal ( (I don't expect an entry for this because I know you can't verify it, since it's not public. But I have about thirty friends on there and more than half of those are avid readers so I wanted to spread the word for you as much as possible!)

    5. I'm already following your blog (so I guess I lose out on that entry, but that's alright!)

    Hope your ad campaign rocks the world wide web!



  2. Me again. Sorry. Not trying to bug you.

    Just remembered I had another venue to show you off on! Put up a note on myspace!


    And now my praise singing is done for the evening. (So happy you got your book in the mail!)

  3. I posted your book cover and link on my Haunts Haven blog at