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Alison Palmer

My good friend, and eight-time author, Alison Palmer, has dedicated her talents to providing principle-based Primary supplements that enhance Sunday sharing times. Her newest release, Simply Singing Time, is a dream for choristers. Written to coordinate with the 2010's Primary theme, "I Know My Savior Lives", Simply Singing Time helps choristers reinforce powerful Gospel principles through Palmer's entertaining games.

For example, in lesson 4, "The Lord is My Shepherd," the game plan allows the chorister to review up to twelve songs in a format that reinforces the principles that 1) Jesus is the Good Shepherd, 2) we are His sheep, and 3) we can find safety in His green pastures.

Each of the twenty-five lessons is laid out with instructions, a rudimentary materials list, instructions for play, and the Gospel idea behind the game. Once created, each game can be used again and again, with different songs and age groups.

I was once a Primary Chorister. I adored the children and the singing, but coming up with a series of entertaining activities that would hold the older children's interest without overwhelming the younger children was a daunting weekly task. This is Alison Palmer's forte, having six volumes of Sharing Through Primary Songs, and two other children's resource books on the topic of faith already under her belt.

But Simply Singing Time has application possibilities beyond Sharing Time. This is a great tool to add to any family's Family Home Evening arsenal. My daughter, the mother of a nine-month-old, saw the book on my counter and tried to snag it. She saw so many opportunities to prepare games that would bless her family for years to come.

As a mother of grown children and grandchildren, I'm looking forward to using Alison's ideas to add new dimensions to our family's group FHE's, and to teach my little ones important Gospel principles in a playful format.

I also work with the seminaries, and I can see so many applications there as well. Though these games are geared to utilize songs with children 3-11, several of them could be modified and used to teach scripture mastery scriptures. And the age issue? My experience with Early Morning Seminary students assures me most would laugh and play along willingly.

So hats off to Alison Palmer for yet another resource to teach children the beautiful principles of the Gospel in a subtle, entertaining way.

Simply Singing Time, $8.99, is published by Horizon Publishers, and is available online at Amazon, and wherever LDS books and products are sold.

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  1. Thanks for a great review, Laurie! I've a daughter that is a primary chorister. I'll be getting the book for her.