Monday, December 14, 2009


Here we are, twelve days before Christmas, can you believe it? It feels as if there are only about twelve total days separating Thanksgiving and Christmas. You get the turkey leftovers packed away and it's time to make up a bowl of wassail! (As if I even make wassail!)

There are no cookies baked, and no gifts under the tree, though I've wrapped a bunch and mailed them away to faraway children who shared Thanksgiving with us, but who will be Christmas-ing elsewhere this year. Today I need to crank up my favorite old Christmas CD and get to work!

First item on the list is to begin my "Twelve Days Before Christmas" tradition, cyber-style! The "Twelve Days of Christmas" actually refers to a period that begins on Christmas Day and ends January 5th, called Christmastide, but many families have begun a variety of traditions that begin twelve days beforehand to give small, secret gifts or acts of service to people leading up to the wondrous Christmas Day. That's the thread we're following.

So, I've worn out another key board this year, (no e, r, t, a or n, and l and y are barely hanging in there, but I'll use the last of my keyboard letters' visibility to pound out Christmas recipes and stories throughout these next twelve days.

Here's my food/gift tip for today, the "First Day of Christmas" (I love food)!

Melt chocolate, (I love chocolate too!), dip plastic spoons into it and allow them to dry. Stuff the spoons into a new mug, tie a few packets of gourmet cocoa or a box of cocoa to the mug, and wrap in cellophane! Wonderful little treat for cocoa-lovers, and it makes a great gift for neighbors, teachers, etc!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Cute and inexpensive, too! Love the idea. The music woke me up and got me moving to the kitchen to make my own cup of chocolate!