Saturday, June 27, 2009


Bill Hemmer of Fox news made a quip that really resonated with me. Commenting on our elected representatives' penchant for rapid-fire voting without reading any of the pending bills, he said, "It's like they're drinking from a fire hose down there. Open wide. . ."

Should bills be presented like speed-dating? Especially with the price tags and ramifications currently affixed? If you don't think so either, check out how your reps in the House voted on the Climate Change Bill. Take a moment and shoot an email off to them, telling them how you feel about their psychic ability to vote and pass a bill without ever reading it.

The ABC coup on health care felt like a smoke-and-shadow-show. Bi-partisan? Fair and balanced? Do you feel as though a little slight of hand is going on in Washington? When did we vote David Copperfield into office. (No slight intended.)

And now the Cap and Trade bill passed the House--a 1200 page bill that no one had any time to read. Who knows what's in there?

If we can exercise caution and do our homework to certify a prospective gun-buyer before giving him a weapon that could hurt citizens, shouldn't our representatives take the time to read a bill and make sure it doesn't have harmful capabilities for our citizenry?

Did you hear this:

Or are we actually comfortable allowing our representatives to pay good fairy to President Obama, blindly granting him any wish he desires?

Have you heard our media belting out this important piece of information? Did you hear them replay Obama's promise that our electric bills would sky-rocket if this bill gets passed? Imagine the consequences of passage at a time when the economy is weak and staggering. There's still time to cool the Senate's heels.

Email your senators and tell them you want them to slow down, to at least read the bill before they sign it. Or better yet, tell them if they pass it, they'll be out of a job next election.

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