Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm among the many citizens who felt dismayed that out of the entire nation, the election came down to two people I would never want to sit down and share a meal with. That being said, I love this country, her people, her founding principles, her Constitution, and I wanted healing to begin. I wanted people to make some lemonade, to try to muscle through the next four years as those who felt they had been bludgeoned in "08" and "12" had done.

I was dismayed by the decision of so many Congressional leaders to boycott the Inaugural. Charles Krauthammer's words touched me deeply.

"An inauguration is not the celebration of party victory, it's a kind of civic sacrament for something that it's exceedingly rare in the world, which is the transfer of power uninterrupted now for 240 years, the longest anywhere on Earth. That's something that you celebrate."

Those words should remind us that when hard times come, as they have and as they will again, we are ultimately all on one team.

I understood the need for those who marched the following day to express their fears and concerns. May I say that fears have likely been ramped up by the likes of Hollywood's elite reps who showed up, stomping, swearing, in an outrageously hypocritical display of feigned Women's rights.

I say that because they were only fighting for the rights of women who followed their agenda. Who wanted what they want. Who believe in what they believe. That is not all women. 

Worse yet, they turned on one of their own like parasites, choosing to gang-humiliate a successful, courageous woman who stands toe-to-toe with any peer. Ashley Judd denigrated her in the filthiest of ways, and they cheered, and snarled, and hooted like hyenas. If this is womanhood's lofty platform, count me out.

It wasn't the first sneer-driven rant from the entertainment world or the media. Let all voices be heard in a civil dialogue, and when the dialogue becomes uncivil, let us all exercise our own right to protest.

This is how we do it, entertainment industry.

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  1. This is so true. I loved what Charles Krauthammer said. I've heard him speak before and he's a very wise man. Thanks for sharing your thought about this. I totally agree with you. I did notice that the "pro-life" march was a lot better, without all the vulgarity. I even saw some signs that said, "Pray for life." It was such a big contrast from the Women's March.