Thursday, November 27, 2008


So, if you've read the comments on the previous blog you know I was wounded in action--not "war action" but in home "improvement action", which for a non-home-improvement type like me is still a battle of sorts.

I was washing wallpaper paste off a wall situated right over a heating vent whose cover was missing. I dropped my rag. (Wanna guess where it landed?) Of course. . . right down the vent. Without thinking, I reached in to retrieve the cloth so it wouldn't clog the vent, What I didn't know was that a nail was sticking out of the floor joists at a downward angle. When I tried to pull my arm out of the vent it became hooked on the nail and I was stuck in the vent.

Luckily, the elders who live here were upstairs when this happened. One ran for a flashlight so I could see what was preventing my arm from being freed while the other called Tom home from his errand. I panicked a little, fearing I'd bleed to death before I could free my arm. (Okay, so it sounds a little melodramatic now but that's what was running through my head at the time.)

Anyway, I was blessed . . . really blessed. The nail was stuck an inch deep into the side of my wrist, but had my arm been turned a few degrees more, the nail would have been directly in my wrist where all those gooshy arteries and tendons run, and I would have been in dire straits indeed.

Last week I had a breast cancer scare with an amazing resolution. Now this. So you can understand my feelings of deep gratitude to Heavenly Father right now. Yes, I'm thankful. Very, very thankful.


  1. Your kids are even more thankful! We need you around for a, oh I don't know, a hundred more years! Is that too much to ask??!?!

  2. Hahaha! Thahk you, Sweetie,. Although you might want to reconsider that when I can't remember where I put my teeth!

  3. You and Amanda crack me up.
    Besides, if you lose your false teeth you can put a little alarm on them and press a button and it'll beep at you til you find it. *Such things exist for finding your keys and the remote, apparently, or so I saw on an infomercial one night*
    You are right, family is the best blessing at Christmas. It brings a sense of peace to have everyone around and know everyone is safe and well.
    I'm glad you are alright. You mentioned the angle was good so as not to knick the arteries and such. Isn't it amazing how even in painful events there is also blessings of protection?
    Curious, if you impaled your wrist on the could you bleed to death if the nail was stuck inside and preventing you from pulling your arm up? And did you have to get a tetnus shot?
    Random thought: the nail in the arm is at least less painful than the guy who dunked his hand in the boiling oil at McDonald's to retrieve the bag of fries he dropped in it. *I'm sure he wasn't thinking, it was prolli a 'oh, it's falling, gotta catch it' reaction...with horrible consequences*
    *Huggles* Glad you are still all in once piece. *Muah*

  4. Heather, the scary things is that I was having exactly one of those moments when I stuck my hand in the vent, so I could easily have been that poor "fried-for-the-fries" guy!

    Enjoy the countdown to Christmas hugs!

  5. Oh Momma Lewis,

    You had me worried! I hope that your hand is healing and that you are feeling ok. What a scary thing to happen! I hope that I can make it to Maryland again sometime next year- I want to see all the changes that you have made to your home. I liked your post from today about being unpopular and wish that I had the words to express my feelings as poetically and eloquently as you do. You have so many talents, and such a gift with writing! I am so glad to read your blog, its one of my favorites!! Love you, Jeni