Friday, July 15, 2011


For those who've been waiting for the release date, this news will disappoint--book five, "IN GOD IS OUR TRUST," won't hit store shelves until September.

Having a real date and seeing the end of the series is somewhat surreal. I've been on this history treadmill for eight years, living under a slide rule of deadlines. I'm ready for a rest, but I absolutely needed this volume to satisfy my readers, and me, and I feel confident it will.

Someday I'll write about the spiritual experience I had in March that changed the direction of the book and forced a delay in its release. I prayed for something, I received what I needed, and it has been that way ever since, with facts and ideas flowing like a steady stream to me in the moment of my need. This is the book I was supposed to write. I am pleased with it now.

I made one of those promises, or trade-offs, to buy the time I needed to clear almost everything from my calendar so I could finish this volume, and when "OH SAY CAN YOU SEE" is launched, I'm taking some time off to fulfill it.

So that's the news today. My cover designer is laying out the cover, the marketing consultant is planning a signing tour, and we'll have ads in book mags and on the radio. A web guy is designing book trailers, and another one will be designing a new web site since my old one is broken. So we've got people hopping and helping to make the launch great. Can't wait!



  1. How is the old site broken if I can still access it? (the links all appear to be working fine on my end).

  2. The web guy's computer crashed and we lost the access key so we can't add to the site anymore. I need to design a new one but there just hasn't been any time.