Sunday, July 10, 2011


For years, people have encouraged me to send a set of Free Men and Dreamers books to Glenn Beck. I declined for lots of reasons--I never thought he'd ever actually see them, and I knew he liked his history straight up.

A friend of my husband named Pete is a huge supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project--an organization dedicated to supporting wounded soldiers and their families. He knows Glenn Beck personally because he is also a huge supporter of these heroes.
Pete provided a very special and beautiful box--a humidor emblazoned with the official White House Seal--for me to use as a "mailer," and then I heard the announcement that Glenn's Show was about to be cancelled. I decided the books would make a nice thank you gift for all he's taught me during his show. Here's what I appreciated about Glenn Beck.

. . .For Founder Fridays, for rekindling a love of the Founding Fathers and their principles in this generation.

. . . For inciting enough concern in me that I called my husband and said, "Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"
"Sure," he replied enthusiastically. "Where do you want to go?"
"To Costco. I watched Glenn Beck and I want to buy some more food storage."

. . . For being brave, and bold, and challenging us to do the same.

. . . For unabashedly loving God.

. . . For celebrating the courage and goodness of others.

. . . For shining a spotlight on people and groups playing hide and seek with our freedoms

. . . For making individuals feel as if there is power in the "one."

His show was cancelled because a group called "The Color of Change" threatened his advertisers if they continued to sponsor his show, and because his supporters didn't answer back with equal power and in equal numbers, Fox eventually numbered his days.

He came in big, and he exited larger than life. Yes, he was outrageous, and uncivil at times, but overall, he smacked our complacency into vigilance, and he scared the beejeebers out of the left.

Whether or not you cared for his tactics, he made you think, he made you "question everything," and he made you feel something--anger, fear, pride, courage. . .

Two weeks after sending the books I received an envelope from New York. Inside was a signed photo from Glenn, a letter from one of his staffers, these stickers you see advertising his "Faith, Hope, and Charity" lessons, and his new "E to the fourth" project which revolves around the concepts of "Enlightenment, Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship."

He's still out there in the Internet and on the radio, riling us up, calling us to action, like a modern-day Captain Moroni waving a new "Title of Liberty."

Thank you, Mr. Beck. Yes, we're still listening and thinking.


  1. I'm glad you sent him your books. I've enjoyed Glenn Beck, too. It was interesting to watch him slip in gospel principles here and there. "Teach people correct principles and they will govern themselves" made him sound like a genius but those of us who know where that came from were chuckling that he was preaching Joseph Smith's philosophy of government. As I understand it, Fox News didn't/couldn't give him the freedom he'll have now with his own GBTV which starts Sept. 12, and that's why he left. He's expanding into a lot more humanitarian projects as well. He has said that his detractors are going to wish for the time when he was only on Fox one hour a day. I'll enjoy watching that happen.

  2. I'm sure that's true as well, Pam, and I know that's was the public explanation, but several news companies reported the pull-out by his advertisers and I did notice that by the end of his show his only paid advertisers appeared to be gold companies. I'd like to think it was a purely voluntary withdrawal, but revenue is what pays for a show, and without advertisers a nerwork can only carry a show for so long. Fox was brave enough to carry him at a loss for over a year, until the cost was just too grievous, or so the spin goes.

    If it's true, then his followers either didn't know about his dilemma, or we didn't practice the kind of peaceful activism being demonstrated by the left. Either is disappointing. The Color of Change web site is happy to take credit for his removal from TV, but I'm thrilled his voice will carry on and on.