Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My husband, Tom, was assigned to attend a computer show in D.C. this week, and since he had no helpers for the first day, I was invited to come and assist. The timing is especially providential for me. I left home with the final ending of book five, "In God We Trust," the final volume of my FREE MEN and DREAMERS series, unwritten. I've been struggling over two potential endings, and now I'll write the final account, and the words, "THE END," while sitting in my hotel room here in DC.

It will be a particularly sweet coda to the series that revolves around this city, and the affect American historical events had in preparing America to become the cradle of the Restoration. I have to admit to feeling this is turning out to be a sweet personal gift to me.

We're in a rather swanky hotel room here on Pennsylvania Avenue. A view of the Washington Monument greets me from our window, two blocks down is the White House, and several blocks behind me sits the Capitol--pretty amazing inspiration since part of the final scene is a confrontational moment at the Capitol.

It's blazing hot in DC this week, as it is everywhere right now. Since today is the "coolest" day of the remaining two of this trip, (under 100 degrees) I'm taking part of today to walk around the Ellipse and take photos. I can't miss this opportunity!

Then it's back to the hotel room to choose an ending, and type the words, "THE END."

Wish me luck!

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