Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Suiting up for Middle-Age

JUNE 17, 2008
Okay, clearly I'm not good at blogging, and having had that pointed out to me by my daughter, I am now going to try and make an attempt at blogging more conscientiously.

I'm feeling a lot of pressure here, like when my sons were on missions and I felt the desire and need to crank out several spiritual tomes per week when nothing particularly grand or mind-bending had happened in my life in the passing three days. I did know that they would probably appreciate a line or two about the cats, and maybe an update on the siblings' goings ons, but would they care about the exciting change in my laundry detergent choice, or the fact that I had given soy milk a try? I didn't think so, and I approach this blog thing with equal trepidation, but here we go with my observation of the day.

I am discovering that I am approaching that stage in life where the kids look at me funny. No longer seeing me on a daily basis, I feel a bit scrutinized when we get together, as if they are counting every wrinkle and checking to see what kind of groans I make when I rise from the sofa. I realize they don't want us to age. I think every child wants their parents to be able to pull on the old Super-Hero costume for another day and pretend they will last forever as grand and brave and indestructible as they remember feeling their parents were when they were seven, but Maybelline can only do so much!

I spent much of the day with my mom yesterday. At almost 75, she is as strong as a little ox, still managing a small farm by herself, treating each of the animals there like her children. But she wore a short-sleeved top and her arms sagged--a thing I had never before noticed, and it made me a little sad that she too, was showing her age. I get it now . . . I get it!

So I'm going to go suit up today. My tights will be a little snugger than ever before and my cape is a tad ragged at the edges, but I still have a little razzle-dazzle left in me, and I'm going to give each day as much sparkle as I can muster.

Anyone out there dusting off their super hero costume too?

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