Friday, August 22, 2008

Help for the Hearing Impaired

I have a friend who served a mission for the deaf. When he returned home, he began an interpreting business to assist the hearing impaired by providing interpreting services for their business, scholastic, medical and legal needs. He wrote to me a few days ago, explaining new technology that is making these services more affordable and accessible. Here is his letter:

Hello- Here is the newest project I have been focused on at work. I'm sure I've mentioned it to you! :) It's our call center for my Sign Language interpreters. We can provide interpreters anywhere in the country now over the internet using a web cam or a video phone. Really amazing technology. People are crazy about it, so far we have put them in pharmacies, public schools, real estate offices, medical settings ( Dr offices), and a group of hospitals in Missouri. We've upgraded our video phones too - amazing clarity. I can even log in and work from home, - In a pinch. I thought you might enjoy the video (its only 8 minutes) showing the call center and the concept. Also if you could please help me getting this link out to as many people as possible. Forward to anyone you know who may have a need for an interpreter. Even if its only once in a while - with the Video Phone on a desk - or even a webcam - then they have access to an interpreter 24/7, plus its much cheaper than having one come out in person. Even if you think people wont have a need - they are always fascinated with the technology - plus they may know someone who could use the service. Places we have installed phones have had write up done in the newspapers and actually seen increased business from Deaf clients and hearing friends and family of Deaf people.

Please let me know what you think of the video and Thanks for helping me out.

David (the video)

PS - I'd be happy to call people directly if you can give me contact information. Thanks again for your help, word of mouth is the best kind of promotion for us. (its Free!).

David I. Stephenson CI & CT.
Maryland Interpreting Services Inc.
(877) 788 - 8454 (888) FAX - 3515

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