Monday, October 20, 2008


Elections are coming, and some of you, like me, may have seen radio talk show hosts, late night comedians and others lampooning Americans and their lack of understanding of the candidates' positions, platforms and even running mates.

As sad and scary as that might be, I've long worried over the number of Constitutional questions that arise in elections these days, wondering about our individual "Consitutional IQ's" and our readiness to render a choice in defense of this landmark document.

It was the first, you know. There were other nations with governing guidelines, of course, but the infant United States broke ground when it established a written Constitution, creating the first codified law of government on the earth, and establishing a bench mark from which other nations have based their own.

If we don't understand the inspired intentions of the Founding Fathers, and if we don't have a grasp on the Constitution as it currently stands, can we confidently, prudently, and wisely decide its future as well as ours?

There are several good sites listed below that quiz you, providing explanations to the basic elements of our government and its beautiful Constitution. Take a few minutes and test yourself, then pass the link on to friends or your children to hone their own skills. It would make a great Family Home Evening activity.

A link is provided below to get a free copy of the Constitution, and may I suggest that every American should also buy a $3.00 copy of one of the most wonderful and inspiring dvd's I've ever seen"--A More Perfect Union. Here's the link:

Enjoy the quizzes:
1. The U.S. Consititution Test (Used by the Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization)

2. (This one provides scores and great explanations and could make a great family activity)

3. Conversations on the Constitution (This is a quiz sponsored by the American Bar Association explaining recent court rulings and how they affect us.)

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  1. What a fantastic post, Laurie. You couldn't be more right!