Tuesday, May 5, 2009


by Kersten Campbell

Confessions of a Completely Insane Mother, by Kersten Campbell, a self-confessed over-the-edge matriarch, is a delightful, side-splitting collection of quick-read personal glimpses into motherhood and family life. Campbell delivers big time with irresistible, down-and-dirty tales from the trenches as told from her irrepressible and charming point of view.

In classic Seinfeld fashion, Campbell transforms the mundane minutia of life into comical treasures imbued with warmth and tenderness. This collection of homespun vignettes is packed with positive pro-family, pro-marriage messages while dismissing the stigma over imperfection. Love matters. Laughter matters. And therefore, in Campbell’s forgiving world, there is joy despite jam on the counter tops or Cocoa Puffs on the carpet, and a virtuous woman is one such as she who sets off on motherly missions like the last-minute dash to the store for materials to create that night-before-it’s-due science project.

I tucked this book into my purse for a five-hour plane ride and laughed out loud through much of the trip. So, if Kersten Campbell is insane, sign me up as well, because family life from her point of view is irresistible!

I suggest you run down to Seagull Books or any of the many LDS Independent book stores and buy a copy of Confessions of a Completely Insane Mother for every mommy in your circle. This offering by Cedar Fort Publishing will tickle the rest of the family’s funny bones as well. It’s lots cheaper than therapy and I guarantee immediate results!

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  1. Great posting, Laurie. I wish you could join us at our writer's retreat this October 8-10 here in Washington state. Kersten is going to be one of the presenters. I got to meet her at a Ladies'Night and she's a delightful lady.