Thursday, October 20, 2011


After eight years, we come to the conclusion of this generation's story. I love the cover because it says everything I wanted the book to convey--that though America experienced trial, tumult, and testing, this as-yet untamed land had divine eyes upon her.

I'm pleased to say this volume is everything I hoped it would be. It's the story I wanted to tell, and when voices began pulling me one way, I felt the Spirit pull me back to this place. This is where we were supposed to be at the end. I know that, and I feel great about In God Is Our Trust.

The super-women of Walnut Springs delivered this baby! Amy Orton, designer extraordinaire, created this cover from a few ideas I tossed at her. Linda Mullineaux went to bat for me and squeezed a few extra pages I needed from the publisher to more fully flesh out a few scenes, and together we plowed through the edit. She took a rough manuscript and smoothed the bumps out.

I have a good friend, Michelle Mebius, who has a real gift. She's a visual reader--creating pictures from words in a way that helps her "see" a book like few can. She also reads word-for-word and finds tiny errors my mind leaps over. Michelle read this manuscript three times, picking up things I kept missing, challenging timelines and holding my feet to the fire on the details while I was trying to get the prose just right.

Other friends also read the manuscript, adding details, correcting details, making comments that led to many changes. (I listen to all my beta-readers, because they are smart!)

Keeping details straight from five volumes over a twenty-year span, with a cast of a hundred or so characters is a challenge. I couldn't have done it without all these great people.

In God Is Our Trust is already making a big splash. Many readers have been waiting for the series to end to dive in, not wanting to wait between volumes. Jump in! It's done!

To long, faithful readers who have endured the lapse between volumes and who still want more, there may be two more volumes in the future, probably in ebook format, but for now, I hope you enjoy this story.

To my audio fans, we found another possible option for audio books and we're pursuing that now. I hope, hope, hope this pans out. We'll know soon.

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Thanks so much for all the great support!



  1. Laurie,
    The cover is inspiring. (As is the author.)

  2. Thanks so much, Christina! That was sweet praise from a gifted peer.