Monday, December 5, 2011


Volume Two


Anne Bradshaw

Anne Bradshaw's second anthology of inspiring genealogical stories recently debuted, and the title aptly foreshadows the power of these tender stories.

Bradshaw has reached across oceans to collect these miraculous true-life experiences from people at all levels of genealogical experience, and the accounts she has gathered illustrate how thin the veil between mortality and the Spirit World is, how very real these post-mortal spirits are, and how badly they want to have their work done.

True Miracles With Genealogy 2 is guaranteed to touch any reader deeply. But for those who've desired to seek out their ancestors, and particularly for LDS readers, this book is a master class on Family History that will inspire, motivate, and provide dozens of new research ideas from people who've successfully applied them with marvelous results.

One of greatest gifts this book brings to readers is the way it testifies to the existence and nearness of our deceased family members. True Miracles With Genealogy opens with a remarkable story of a woman who, like many people, hits a dead end while searching for an ancestor. A curious suggestion is offered to the researcher encouraging her to reach for divine help in a way generally applied only to the living. The researcher makes a spiritual and mental leap in regards to the way she views her kindred dead. Suddenly she sees them as living spirits, not merely as names, and she applies the advice with remarkable conclusions. It is ideas and concepts like these that are the gems of the book. They catapult us beyond being detached descendants, expanding readers' vision of the divine purpose of this work--to save souls and bind eternal families.

True Miracles With Genealogy arrives on shelves at a perfect moment, following Elder David Bednar's October Conference talk about involving our youth in this critical, divine work. If making research personal is the key to successfully introducing youth to Family History and Genealogy, then the tender stories in Bradshaw's would provide a perfect catalyst in helping them catch the vision of who they are laboring to serve. But even in it's simplest application, the divine and tender vision of True Miracles with Genealogy will linger with readers long after the last page is turned.

Both volumes of True Miracles With Genealogy are available in your local LDS bookstores, and on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

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