Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My husband Tom sells specialized computers to the military, which gives him access to military bases, military shows, and military personnel. He's been a great asset with my writing, getting me access to forts and bases where I've been able to pick the brains of real soldiers and commanders.

Often, the bases he covers are near the original American forts, so while he moves forward equipping the troops with new technology, I explore the old, the ancient, the historical. Much of my research for Free Men and Dreamers was conducted while accompanying Tom to Hampton, Norfolk, Fort Monroe, and New Orleans.

A host of shows are held each year where vendors present their best and newest goods to support the troops. Commanders and government purchasers stroll through exhibits, kick the tires so to speak on new tanks, guns, safety equipment, protective gear, and technology of every kind. It's an amazing display of today's cutting edge military.

(A Black Hawk helicopter is involved in a rescue. Watch until the end.)

This week Tom and I are in Tampa at the Special Ops show where Special Operations military units from seven allies, including Australia, Norway, and Jordan, are participating with our troops. We are surrounded by the best and bravest who have put on an impressive display of military pride and prowess. I've included a few clips and pics, but it just doesn't do justice to the skill and precision of these troops. As we near Memorial Day, I hope you'll enjoy this chance to appreciate these soldiers on the line. They are not just grunts. They are skilled with technology as well as deft with weaponry.

(Soldiers on guard as their company effects the simulated rescue of an captive in a village.)

A Jordanian soldier in the group.
It was an honor to be here. Now I'm loaded with new research for my political suspense novel set on a base in West Virginia. Stay tuned, and say a prayer for the troops.


  1. An amazing look into our Military Laurie. Your husband's job brings you right into it. :)
    My youngest son is Special Forces. I 'm so proud of him and all our Military. Of course I'd like to tell him (again) to stay home and be safe but he's already hugged me, patted me on my back and said "No, I'd rather keep you and everyone else safe.:)
    He loves what he does and just tells me to forget watching the news. :) Thanks for the post. Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday weekend.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. They're attitude and selflessness is pretty amazing. I heard a former Special Ops guy comment on the hype the government was getting after the Bin Laden operation, and he said Marines don't talk about what they do. They just do it. Amazing. I'll be keeping your son and his buddies n my prayers, Carol. So grateful for each of them.

  3. Laurie, what a great opportunity you have thru your husband's work! I bet it also makes your relationship more fun, as you two have so much more to talk about. Will download your books for Kindle - I've been wanting to read historical novels about the US forever... am about done for now with European ones!