Monday, April 7, 2014


Sweet Confections
Danyelle Ferguson
There's nothing like a great book to make a rainy, snowy Saturday perfect, and Danyelle Ferguson's Sweet Confections fit the bill wonderfully for me a few weeks ago, dishing up a sweet and clean romance with a mystery that fooled this super sleuth.
Here's the blurb from the back of the book:

According to Rachel Marconi chocolate heals all wounds. That and throwing darts at pictures of her ex-boyfriend. Burned by yet another bad relationship, Rachel decides to reprioritize her life, putting her dream to compete on a Food Network Challenge on the top of her list and dating at the bottom crossed out in red sharpie. But what's a girl to do when a certain sexy guy keeps asking her out?

Cue in Graydon Green, a former pro hockey player turned restaurant owner. After a lot of persistent and humorous teasing, he finally convinces Rachel to commit to a date. Just when things begin to warm up, threatening notes directed at Rachel arrive. When her bakery is vandalized, Graydon's protective streak goes on red alert. Is it her obsessive ex-boyfriend stalking her? Or maybe a challenger trying to sabotage the competition?

Either way, Rachel is definitely going to need more chocolate - perhaps drizzled over ice cream and devil's food cake.
Ferguson's characters were thoughtful and real, making it easy for readers to invest fully in the challenges and hiccups in their budding relationship. I especially enjoyed the heroine. Rachel Marconi is not a Barbie doll. Nearing thirty, and a few pounds above svelte from all that delicious baking, she proves that real women eat, laugh, love, work, and drive men crazy--even perfect 10s like Graydon Green.
Ferguson's dialogue is snappy and sharp, and flows with a realism that allows readers to wrap themselves in the story. Ferguson tosses in an added bonus by including sevedral of the delicious recipes the Sweet Confections Bakery ladies whip up in the book, delectibles like Hot Lava Sundaes.

This is a splendid before bedtime read, and a great girlfriend book, one you'll want to get for a friend who needs a spa-day, or a diversion to tuck into her purse or kindle to enjoy while waiting for soccer practice to end. I gobbled it up and closed the cover wishing for more.

Yep. It's that good.
You can get your copy through AmazonKindle, and and through  Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBookstore.

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About the Author

Danyelle Ferguson discovered her love for the written word in elementary school. Her first article was published when she was in 6th grade. Since then, she’s won several awards and her work has been published world-wide in newspapers, magazines and books.


Danyelle grew up surrounded by Pennsylvania’s beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Then she lived for ten years among the majestic Wasatch Mountains. She is currently experiencing mountain-withdrawal while living in Kansas with her husband and family. She enjoys reading, writing, dancing and singing in the kitchen, and the occasional long bubble bath to relax from the everyday stress of being “Mommy.”
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  1. Thank you, Laurie! I'm so glad you enjoyed Sweet Confections. I'll be sure to pop back to see if any of your readers have questions for me. =)

  2. Thanks for this great giveaway. So many books and items. I would pick the I-Tunes GC and for a book-Fortune Cookie by Josi Kilpack. Sweet Confections looks like a great read!!

    1. Thanks, Judy.

      Josi's book are great! I've been lucky enough to be in her test kitchen for the series. Good luck! =)

  3. I am so excited for this book! I have read some really great review of it and I always love a sweet clean romance! I would love the gift cards or Fortune Cookie. Thanks so much for the giveaway!