Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today, I caught a magical little scene, one probably played out in a thousand stores everywhere, as busy dads herded children to displays of candies, and flowers, and cards, to choose a special Valentine's treat for Mom. 

I watched a proud young father coach his toddler, whose chubby hands could barely hold the little heart-shaped box his Daddy presented, asking, "Do you think Mommy will like this?" 

I smiled as a patient dad endured the manic excitement of three children who needed to touch every offering before a decision could be made.

At one store, a carnival-like atmosphere filled the entrance as the bakery ladies set up before the front doors, dipping strawberries, barely keeping up with excited shoppers who oohed and ahhed their approval as they filled their baskets.

As I hurried through the store aisles, I saw that father of three leading his children along as they collected what appeared to be ingredients for a special breakfast for Mom. We exchanged smiles as the children's enthusiasm bubbled up over each decision that needed to be made.

It was another reminder that, despite the clamor of news and woes, life is generally simple and sweet. Love abounds in most homes, even in its awkward, imperfect majesty.  Parents and children still conspire in the best ways. And there is still magic in chocolate.

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