Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Nook Review: "THE LOST KING" by H. B. Moore

This fast-paced sequel to Moore’s “Finding Sheba” delivers two exciting reads in one. H.B. Moore uses her mastery of the Middle East and its culture to take readers on two heart-pounding, interwoven adventures.

Undercover agent Omar Zagouri is called in when a prominent Egyptologist is murdered and priceless scrolls are stolen that may upend the religious world. But Omar has his own concerns. His love interest, Mia Golding, is missing, and torn between duty and love, he bends and breaks rules to find Mia and the scrolls.

Another dramatic turn occurs when two prominent scholars—Farrah Samra, a professor of Egyptology, and handsome royal-blooded Dr. Kale Naji—are kidnapped. Kale has old history with Omar and Mia, and it isn’t good, but the heat turns us between he and his kidnapped colleague, and that is very good.

Woven through the book is the story of Hatshepsut, the female Pharoah who authored the missing scrolls. Torn between dual loves—power and the future pharaoh, Thut, who stands in her way—hers is s story of great love, squandered opportunities, and regret. Moore brings different but equal passion to both story lines, weaving them seamlessly.

The pacing is different between the stories, and that back and forth accentuates each. Moore’s writing style puts the reader in the action. You are breathless as you rip through pages with no break until Hatshepsut’s next chapter begins, and then your heart pounds through scenes of passion and power.

Moore’s research, as always, is first-rate. I always leave her books feeling enriched and enlightened. I’m awed by the detail, particularly in Hatshepsut’s world. Ancient Egypt comes alive and you are there.

I didn’t read “Finding Sheba” before picking up “The Lost King,” but H.B. Moore brings new readers up to speed quickly and in a satisfying way. But after reading “The Lost King,” you’ll long for more of Moore, so pick up “Finding Sheba” first.

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