Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Not-So-Funny-Thing Happened During Our Tour of the Capitol

Today's Capitol tour was more exciting than expected. After our tour, we hit the cafeteria with the kids. The sixteen of us lingered a bit past the 4:00 closing time. We were gathering up the trash and packing the kiddies, (seven adults and nine smidgeons) when an alarm started. A voice came over the PA announcing that the Capitol grounds were on lockdown, and the cafeteria staff flew into action. They were AMAZING. Hats off to them and probably everyone else, but I was immensely impressed with how they flew into action to protect us.

One worker commandeered one of the strollers, (we had two strollers and a wheelchair) and politely but firmly told us to follow quickly. Several other workers created an evacuation line to herd us to a secure place, assuring us we were safe as the alarm continued to sound. All the staff in there were equally calm, prepared, friendly, but in control of the situation as they moved us into the theater area. I was so proud and impressed.

Two school groups were searching for their students as we tried to get info. No one was saying much, but the Twitter feeds had the first report, then the news feeds started talking about a shooter outside.

We were fine and our containment only lasted about 45 minutes, but I felt safe and protected by the wonderful staff. Hats off to those cafeteria worker-turned-security people for jumping into action. Most of them spoke with accents and came here from other lands, but they placed themselves in front of us to keep us safe. PROUD AMERICANS ALL!!!

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