Monday, April 3, 2017

BOGO! Buy "SWEET WATER," for $2.99, and Get "my award-winning "THE DRAGONS OF ALSACE FARM," for FREE!!!!!!

Buy "Sweet Water," 
a contemporary romantic clean-read about 
lost opportunities, betrayal, and second chances. The reviews have been stellar. Readers call it
"An emotionally stunning romance!"

And get my multi-award-winning 
"The Dragons of Alsace Farm"
for FREE.

"Dragons" received the New Apple Literary Medallion for Inspirational Fiction, as well as finalist status in The Whitney Award competition, and the RONE Awards.

Here's how to claim your free book. 

1. Click on the link to purchase SWEET WATER.

2. Paste your Amazon confirmation message below in the comments section.

3. I'll send you a link to claim your free book! That's it!

Thanks, and Happy Reading!!!

Laurie Lewis

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  1. For the puzzle in your newsletter the ans is 26 thanks