Saturday, April 18, 2009


All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go,(almost) . . . A kiss for luck and I'm on my way . . . (Oh, that's another song altogether. . .) You get the point. I'm leaving for Utah tomorrow. It's partly pleasure, partly business. The pleasure part includes time with my son and his family, and that means more good, grandma time!

The business part is the annual LDStorymakers Writing Conference and the Whitney Awards Gala held in Provo, Utah Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25. Both are currently sold out, but dozens of LDS authors will be there meeting readers, signing and selling our latest books and posing for photos with fans. We love to meet our readers so please come by and have your personal copies signed by the authors. And if you don't already own a copy, buy one there.

If you are a budding author check back in and plan to be there next year. And why? The Writers' Conference hosts workshops for authors of all genres and experience levels, conducted by professionals in the fields of writing, editing, publishing and marketing. It's a two-day crash course with people who are in the trenches in this current marlet and economy. Lots of good advice.

I'll also use this week to lay the groundwork for the marketing of book three of my Free Men and Dreamers series, Dawn's Early Light, which is set for an October 2009 release. As we ramp up to summer there will be drawings, free book giveaways, and contests galore, so keep checking back in.

See you soon!


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