Friday, January 13, 2012


I took my mother grocery shopping yesterday. She's a senior on a fixed income, a proud lady who took great pride in her sterling credit. We've had to take over her bills to a great extent because we discovered she would forego buying groceries to get her bills paid during a lean month.

We were picking up a few groceries in WalMart yesterday and I noticed the worried looks on faces as parents anguished over the rising costs, and as seniors carefully selected a few things, placing others back on the shelves. The economny is hurting people on a very personal basis.

I was urging Mom to stock-up this trip, but her pride makes it difficult for her to accept help from her children, so she compares ounce-for-ounce pricing on everything, and generally chooses the very cheapest item.

Another lady doing the same thing saw a kindred spirit in my mother. With a furrowed brow she said, "I don't know what we'll do if these prices keep rising. How will we eat?"

It began a lengthy discussion about politics and the current state of America. I immediately found that we completly disagree on party and choice for the next election, but we were spot-on in agreement on fundamentals. We need hope. We need some trust. We need some people who keep their word and won't economically napalm the nation in order to turn its course.

I have a few candidates I like very much, but I don't like the rhetoric and the hate. It reminds me of playground bullies who duke it out without regard for who catches a stray punch. Frankly, if I were their mothers, I'd tell them all how disappointed I am in them.

So here's my message for all the candidates, and for President Obama too. If you agree, please share the link to this post. Let's send out a cry for civility that will reach them on their buses and in the campaign headquarters.

Thanks. Let's smile and be civil in spite of them, and set the standard high.



Dear Politicians-- all of you!

Don't tell us all the dreadful things about the other guy, tell us what's great about you. We're strong, we're brave, we'll fight for a better America, but first, show us where you'll lead us. Inspire us. Say something positive. Show us your sterling character and demonstrate that you recognize ours as well. We are your future employers, your shipmates, the people in the same foxhole with you. Don't push us, bully us, or be condescending. Some of us handed you the world you want to lead. Show us you're worthy of that sacred trust.

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  1. Beautifully said Laurie. If I was a Mother to most of these candidates it wouldn't matter how old he was I'd let him know in a heartbeat how ashamed I was. I dislike Bullying tactics. Reality is, none of us are perfect. So I'd tell them not to try and paint themselves so as they bring out the insults about the other guy. All their doing is showing me how low they'd stoop to discredit the other guy. It's almost like watching a Reality show anymore during the Campaigns anymore.Show me our hope, your strength and I'll fight next to you myself. Where is the Honor and Morality and Hope that this Country began with ? Give our men and women who put their lives on the line everyday in our Armed Forces the Hope and Pride they need. I don't envy our young parents today trying to raise children with this economy. I don't know how I ever could have raised 7 children as a single parent today. Besides with a big stick. lol Seriously, we have big problems when so many people are going hungry.
    Thanks Laurie for sharing.

    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com