Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I was asked to put a spiritual presentation together for a casual, round table-type discussion we call "Conversations Amongst Sisters," and I was assigned to base my "Conversations" program on two 33-year-old talks. Both were completely unfamiliar to me. One will now be a treasured favorite forever. It's President Packer's 1980 October Conference talk titled, "A Circle of Sisters." His wisdom and insight were prophetic, and his words have been like a balm to my tired mommy-wife-grandmother soul.

For anyone who thinks women are under-appreciated or under-valued by LDS men, read these words of a stunningly humble, in-touch, in-tune, LDS man and leader, and remember that they were delivered more than three decades ago, before the Women's Movement had reached its apex, and before the terms marriage and family became political hot-buttons. I can't imagine any mother who would reach the bottom of this quote and not feel honored to bear the calling of "woman." Thank you, President Packer. You made my day, even thirty years after delivering this talk.

I'm working on a book about families today, and this little quote is inspiring me. I hope it lifts your spirits as well, be you a mother, a father, or a child of parents who fought the good fight for you.

We now move cautiously
into the darkening mists of the future.
We hear the ominous rumbling
of the gathering storm.
The narrow places of the past
have been a preliminary
and a preparatory testing.
The issue of this dispensation
now is revealed before us.
It touches the life of every sister.
We do not tremble in fear—
for you hold in your gentle hands
the light of righteousness.
It blesses the brethren
and nourishes our children.

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