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One Woman's Life-Altering Visit With God


Joanna Oblander

This book opens powerfully on the night the author finally reaches the decision to end her painful downward-spiraling life. In her own words she says, "my heart admitted defeat." After a sincere effort to justify her decision to God, she resolves that on the next day she will lovingly send her family on their way and then she will commit suicide. The scenario held my rapt attention. 

The miraculous events that pull the author from the brink are deeply personal and atypical. Ms. Oblander shares several poignant life events that transcend the veil, illustrating how each helped her better understand who she was before birth, who she was meant to become on earth, and what she committed to do while here.

Her story is woven with threads from a variety of themes--from the inspiration and vision that led her to search for foreign children she had promised to find and merge into her family; her battle with health issues; the spiritual anchors of family and faith in God that sustained her through illness and depression; and the connection between physical, spiritual, and mental health. 

Her life story would be compelling even if she had not shared the details of her heavenly manifestations. Mothers, and all women, will identify with her overwhelming struggle--to be a perfect parent, a supportive wife, a valiant faithful daughter of God--and the burden those great expectations can heap upon a person who tries to muscle through perfection without fully internalizing the peace and power of the Atonement. Ms. Oblander delivers a tender witness to this battle and to her commitment to follow the Spirit and the personal revelation she received.

Two particularly compelling scenes in the book describe a miraculous vision she received early in her marriage, and a conversation with Deity she had on her darkest night. The manifestations open her vision to who and what we each are. This portion of the book is powerful in content, however, from time to time her efforts to share the lessons she has learned from her incredible experiences come off as instructional, but many readers will pick up this book for that reason--to receive her insight on sacred themes rarely discussed in a doctrinal forum.

The book shifts gears midway from a book primarily about Godly manifestations and faith, to one about chiropractic and holistic medicine. Each is valuable and holds an important place in the author's story, but after a candid and tender discussion of miraculous spiritual experiences, Oblander's switch in themes felt jarring and again, persuasive in tone. 

That Ms. Oblander is sharing such divine and deeply personal experiences will capture readers hungry to catch her "glimpse of Heaven." It may prove uncomfortable to readers who eschew the public disclosure of such personal manifestations, and could be challenging to those who might be inclined to substitute Oblander's personal experiences for doctrinal positions.

Spiritually-anchored readers will appreciate the beauty, insights, and honesty of Oblander's story. A Glimpse of Heaven demonstrates Joanna Oblander's gift for writing. It is masterfully written injecting additional power to her pains and joys. Her faith and love of God testify to God's universal and unimpeachable love which shines throughout the book. The opening chapters send a message of hope to people struggling with depression and feelings of inadequacy. Still, I would hesitate to recommend this book to people who are not doctrinally-grounded. The experiences Ms. Oblander shares are personal and unique to her. However, those who can accept that caveat will appreciate her glimpse of the divine, and will find insights they can apply in their own lives. 

"A Glimpse Of Heaven" is published by Sweetwater Books and is available on Amazon,  Barnes and Nobles. 100 pages. 

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  1. I agree that I enjoyed the shift in focus this book did after the visions. Those parts truly spoke to me. Great review! Thanks for sharing.