Sunday, September 23, 2012


I had knee surgery so my computer time is down a bit right now, and when i make it to the computer I'm trying hard to really dig into the new manuscript.

My new projects are not American history-related, but I can't shake the patriotic passion/panic Free Men and Dreamers dredged up in me. And with the election looming, with supposed news stations spinning reports with logic-dizzying velocity, it's easy to become overwhelmed, confused, depressed, and worse--disengaged.

Please don't allow the spinners to send you packing from your patriotic right to determine the course of this nation. Please take a moment and breathe, let your inner compass speak truth to your heart. You'll know what to do, what name to choose, what course to endorse with your sacred vote.

These videos set my heart ablaze. The rightness and directness of their message made it easy to remember what the American creed is, and how I can be engaged in its continuance. Frankly, I was shocked by how some of the comments hit me, clarifying my thinking  until I embraced some previously rejected ideas. That takes some doing.

Spend a few minutes watching these, then allow your heart a few more  minutes to ponder which candidates reflect these values.

See you at the polls.

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  1. I hope your knee gets better soon! Thank you for a great reminder to vote (no matter how annoying the TV and all the campaign signs get).