Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apology Tour

Sorry for not posting in days. I've been sick as a dog. In fact, I feel incredibly sorry for any dog this sick, because this plague circulating around my neck of the woods is nasty.

Anyway, I've got two incredible posts going up in the next few days. One is a review of a bio by a Special Forces soldier named Robert Patrick Lewis, titled "Love Me When I'm Gone." This book is a perspective-changer, folks. You'll be humbled and feel a new debt of gratitude for these warriors. They are amazing. Lewis provides a rare glimpse into this tightly knit brotherhood.

I'll also be posting an interview with Robert Lewis, including his perspective on Benghazi, and the more tender side of Special Forces soldiers and their humanitarian work. Amazing. You'll be grateful they are ours.

Check back tomorrow.

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