Friday, March 10, 2017

From Julia's Kitchen:Owen Family Cookery" by Marsha WARD.

 In order to fully appreciate the pleasure this cookbook brings to both lovers of fiction and lovers of food, you'd need to understand the inspiration for this assembly of traditional recipes.

Marsha Ward is an award-winning author of dust-in-your britches, lasso-your-woman, God-family-country western fiction. The crown jewel of her work is the Owen family saga--a five-volume collection of stories of the post-Civil War push to the west, based around the fictional Owen family. The volumes are available individually, or in a collection. Read them. You'll be entranced.

This series inspired her rustic cookbook of delicious traditional recipes. We'll all want one of these too. Imagine your grandma teaching you to cook while telling you great family stories. Yes, this is how this feels. From Julia's Kitchen:Owen Family Cookery is available in all formats. You'll see the purchase links below.  Order it. You'll be glad you did.

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Title: From Julia’s Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery
Author: Marsha Ward
Genre: Non-Fiction Cookbook with Fictional Elements
Publisher: WestWard Books
Published: March 10, 2017
Book Description:
When Julia Susannah Helm was just a little girl in Pennsylvania, she discovered a “receipt” for hash in a kitchen drawer, written out in the hand of her father’s former housekeeper. Her brother Jonathan made her a small wooden box to keep it in. That was the beginning of her recipe collection, which became one of her most cherished possessions.

It was never more important to her than when she took it to Shenandoah County, Virginia, to help her cousin prepare for her wedding. Almost out of the blue, Julia became Mrs. Roderick Owen, and the recipe collection proved invaluable to her as a young bride.

Enjoy the fictional aspects of this book in the world of the Owen Family, and then make the real recipes to enjoy.

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Author Bio:
Amazon best-selling author Marsha Ward writes authentic historical fiction set in 19th Century America, and contemporary romance. She was born in the sleepy little town of Phoenix, Arizona, in a simpler time. With plenty of room to roam among the chickens and citrus trees, Marsha enjoyed playing with neighborhood chums, but always had her imaginary friend, cowboy Johnny Rigger Prescott, at her side. Now she makes her home in a forest in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to hear from her readers.
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