Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life has been busy, but it's been good busy. . . What I mean is I would gladly spend another month with little to no sleep for similar privileges I've enjoyed during these past few weeks.

You've read about many of them . . . a busy family vacation with all my little chickens gathered together, and then making a trip to the Salt Lake Temple with those same sweet faces assembled to witness their youngest sibling as he partook, for the first time, of the blessings awaiting him in the Lord's House. It was sublime.

Last weekend, the entire gang came together again to share in the joy of Adam's sealing to Brittany Welch in the Columbus, Ohio Temple. Theirs is a great love story--two friends who finally realized that what they shared was the stuff of dreams--similar likes in off-beat entertainment; a shared lust for competition on courts and arenas; a passion for the Gospel of Christ, for family, for children; and wicked senses of humor. They're perfect for each other, and it showed on their faces--two bright beams of radiating joy. What a privilege to be there with them, and to have every member of their adoring families and countless precious friends present. It was sublime . . .

They're away on their honeymoon, and while Brit's family digs out from a perfect reception, the Lewis contingent is preparing for the open house here in Maryland.

I planned months ago to make this a restful, fun experience. Not so as it turns out. Book three of Free Men and Dreamers, Dawn's Early Light, was expected to be in the hands of the publisher by now and on its way to the printer . . . my part fully completed, but delays have set me back. So we're planning for a soiree, designing the book's cover, making endless editorial decisions, cleaning, painting, shopping, stressing, weeding and planting, but I'm smiling.

So here's to the happy bride and groom, and here's to all we multi-tasking mothers and fathers who daily juggle a thousand critical items while finding joy in the load.

This is what it's all about.

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  1. Beautiful wedding pictures. What a glowing couple. And her dress and bouquet are divine.