Saturday, April 17, 2010

"AWAKENING AVERY" BOOK LAUNCH GIVEAWAYS, week 4, "Life Lessons From Teddie and Rider Davis"

Each week we're visiting the characters from my newest release, "Awakening Avery," and designing a give-away around that character.

This week, meet lovable "rodeo-ers turned real estate moguls" Teddie and Rider Davis. On first glance, this bigger-then-life, nouveau-riche Texas duo intimidates floundering author Avery Elkins Thompson. But after a few minutes in Teddie's tender company, Avery discovers that the Davis's shoveled, struggled and rode their way to success, scratching to keep their little family together and fed along the way.

Their pockets seem lined with gold, but their real wealth is their character and experience. Despite hardship, they've maintained a childlike hope about life. They have a few lessons to teach Avery about not just surviving, but thriving through the angst of life, and in return, Avery discovers that she can add something of even greater value to their already good lives.

One of my favorite chapters in the entire book centers around an awkward breakfast scene where Teddie and Rider serve carryout quesadillas from the Cheesecake Factory. In honor of that scene, this week's prize is winner's choice--a personalized copy of "Awakening Avery" or a $25 gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory. You must be a follower of this blog or register to be a follower to enter.

So here's this week's contest nugget:

Share a life lesson you've learned from experience.

Post your answer in the comment box below to be entered in this week's drawing.

You can get multiple entries by doing the following:

1. Post the "Awakening Avery" cover image on your Facebook page and/or blog and send me a link. You'll get one entry for each.

2. Add "Awakening Avery" to your "books-to-read" shelf on Goodreads. Amazon or Shelfari. Tell me where you added it and get an entry for each one.

3. Add this link for the preview of Chapter One of "Awakening Avery" to your blog sidebar or Facebook page. Send me the link to your site and get one entry for each.

Thanks for playing. The last few weeks' idea-sharing has been phenomenal, and I'm looking forward to all the great lessons we'll share this week.


  1. Oh, yeah. I get to be first. One life lesson that I have learned from experience (ie: the hard way) is that the only person I can change is me. And changing me is enough. I'll go add the book on Goodreads right now and post this contest on Facebook.

  2. (If this posts twice I apologize. I couldn't tell if it posted the first time.)
    One life lesson I have learned from experience (ie: the hard way) is that the only person I can change is myself, and changing myself is enough. I added the book on goodreads and posted it on Facebook.

  3. Time is the only gift only you can can't buy more or take it back. It is priceless and a true gift of self. I've learned this lesson many time over the years but most recently after my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and I cared for her during her last month on this earth.

  4. What a great-sounding book and blog!

    One thing I've learned (okay, so LEARNING) is that if I'm too busy judging a person, I have little time to really get to know them. I believe Mother Teresa said something to that effect as well.

  5. A life lesson I have learned is that all things-good or bad-experiences shape and mold the person who i am today and that i should never try to think how i could have changed the past or wish for something different in my life.
    I am reading a book called "Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Contentment" by Linda Dillow--it is a great christian study guide and really has helped me focus on being content with my life and circumstances regardless of what they are.

    **i posted the book cover link on my facebook page.
    **i also posted the link for the first chapter to my facebook page.
    my fb link is:!/rkwilliamson

  6. Laurie-
    hurray!! i finally figured out how to change my name to my new married name! i didnt want you to be confused as to who i was since my "blogger" name was different from my facebook name. :-)

  7. 1. Current Blog Follower

    Probably one of the hardest life lessons I have learned is to think before I speak. Words tossed out, whether verbal or written, in haste can cause a lot of damage and result in hurt feelings. Once the words are out there you can never take them back. Things cannot be unsaid so it's better to more carefully consider where your thoughts are going before you loose the weapon that may be your tongue!

    2. Added to my facebook bookshelf:

    3. Pic linked to sidebar of my blog:

    4. Preview of Chapter One link added to blog:

    5. Linked to Chapter One via Facebook
    (couldn't get the mini-link to work so I just used the full sized one).

    (I should probably post a notice saying "Will Work for Cheesecake!")

  8. I'm learning that people will take advantage of you if you let them. Sometimes you just go ahead and let them if they are someone you love.

  9. Great wisdom, ladies! Thank you each for sharing. I drew the name Thursday evening because I'll be flying on Friday. Our winner this week was Angie! Thanks everyone! New drawing next week!

  10. I'm so excited! Thanks so much Laurie.

  11. This is a great idea, Laurie! Wish I'd seen it sooner. :) :(