Saturday, November 13, 2010


Click the photo to read the history of Hagerstown's City Park. I plan to set a future novel around this magnificent municipal treasure. It's one of my very favorite places. My mother and I have weekly "dates," and going to this park is one place we go often and enjoy tremendously.

Surrounded by stunning architecture on the neighboring streets, the park is reminiscent of the Victorian period. But there is also a community band shell where they hold summer concerts, and a beautiful art museum, (you can see it left of center in the photo.) This portion takes me back to the old 40's movies. It brings to mind the innocence of sweet neighborhoods portrayed in old movies like "Meet Me in St. Louis." I can imagine ladies in Victorian dresses with parasols, or soldiers home on leave walking their sweetheart around the park where geese, swans, Koi, and ducks walk right up to visitors.

And little gazebos and playgrounds dot the 1 1/4 miles around the huge pond. The parks people have created wonderful habitats for animals so it's also like a little zoo. Very picturesque. All free to any visitors. The original Hager House, attached in a corner, is a museum depicting life on the frontier, as well. So much to do, and such a perfect place to lay out a blanket and do nothing. All free in Hagerstown, Maryland.

And check out this link for Boonesboro's fascinating "Crystal Grottoes." More family adventure in beautiful Western Maryland. Come east for the history, but it extends beyond Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia.

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