Friday, January 7, 2011


For years, friends have approached me, and readers have written, asking if I've sent copies of "Free Men and Dreamers" to Glenn Beck who showcases patriotic books.

I've always resisted the idea. First, even though the history I include in the books is solid, the books are novels wrapped within that great history, and Glenn Beck seems to like his history straight up and unembellished. I also thought I'd never be able to actually get the books past his staff,(who surely screens through the mountain of mail and packages Mr. Beck receives,) and into his hands. When I've explained my reasoning to people, they've tended to scowl at me and ask, "Well, what have you got to lose?" Well, to those who urged me on, my position may now have changed.

Last summer, I accompanied my husband Tom to a fund-raiser at Quantico Marine Base, in Virginia, to benefit the Wounded Warriors. The sponsor of the event was a businessman named Pete, with a patriotic heart who, like my husband, sells goods to the military. We spent several days together at a military show after the fund-raiser. Each night, Pete would gather a group together and we'd have supper. The conversations varied, but several times we talked about current events, history, and my books.

My husband told Pete he too felt I should send a set of Free Men and Dreamers to Glenn Beck, and weeks later a huge box arrived at my house. Inside was this beautiful commemorative humidor bearing the White House insignia. It was designed as a gift for generals and dignitaries, but Pete gave one to me, along with another gift, to use as the receptacle for my books.

As it turns out, Pete explained that he had given Glenn Beck one of these commemorative boxes last year, and Glenn auctioned it off for hundreds of thousands of dollars which he donated back to the Wounded Warriors, a cause also dear to his heart, so I know the box will be dear to him.

So now I'm preparing a letter to explain this package, and I'm preparing to mail the whole kit and caboodle--the four current volumes of Free Men and Dreamers, the extra gift Pete tucked in for Glenn, and this beautiful box--off to New York and Glenn Beck's office. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope Glenn will enjoy the books, but I'm certain he'll love the wrapper!