Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I'm about to wax both political and religious now, so take that as fair warning. Today is an important day. The debates begin tonight and finally voters will get a chance to hear from the two candidates without media spin and editorial wizardry distorting their words.

I've read some blogs and Facebook posts that mock the hype some people place on this election. They say this isn't a do or die day, that the future of America will never hinge on the outcome of any single election. I hope they'll agree to let me disagree.

I think we do stand at a pivotal point. Never before have we been in so much debt, been threatened in so many quarters, had so few allies, and been so divided as a people all at the same time. Never has the rock of a free press, designed and protected to serve as the guardian of liberty, seemed so purchased and manipulated. It's as if it's lost not only its mission statement, but its soul.

Here are a few examples. I hope you'll take the time to watch and really listen. It's shocking, and absurd.


Here's another clip manipulated to completely distort Romney's policy point and paint him an idiot.

My blood hits the boiling point when I see this effort to deceive voters by some of the very people crying out against voter ID because it might disenfranchise them. What's that about?

History is riddled with moments when one battle, one man, one vote, changed the course of America. Scripture also records moments when nations' survivals rested upon the willingness of a single leader to step forward, and of a single voice to bring the cause of freedom back to remembrance. Likewise just as many accounts are written of civilizations that fell from grace, met decay, were conquered and defeated because of a lost opportunity to pull it back from the brink.

I think we're there.

Watch tonight. Listen. Then become engaged in the cause of America.


  1. It's not worth having your blood boil. I felt the same way when the GOP/RNC with Romney's cooperation completely pushed Ron Paul out of the convention/running. And didn't allow the Ron Paul delegates to be seated. He was his colleagues were ruthless. And I had to realize that Father in Heaven knows every heart, and only Jesus Christ can judge each of us.
    Only Jesus Christ can save America; a man, even a Mormon, can't do it.
    Speaking of media blackouts and messing with video clips, it hasn't just happened to Romney.
    The truth will be known someday about everything, but for now the best any of us can do is seek Zion within our own hearts. Don't let your blood boil; hug your family instead.

  2. We agree on many points, but this land is not just any land. America has a special role to fulfill. The Constitution is what makes her unique and singular. But that document and the freedoms guaranteed there are truly at risk if we have a people who are uninformed, and worse, misinformed and mislead.

    The Lord is all powerful, but we wre never intended to be puppets. We each are His laborers. We are the hands, the voices, the ears, the heart of the Lord on the earth. I think about Captain Moroni who pulled a people out of complacency. I think his blood boiled on ocassion, but he used that fire to riase a voice of warning, to rally a people. We need leaders like that.

    I don't think Mitt Romney is the only person who can save America, but I think we are at a critical point where an erosion of liberty and responsibility leaves us particularly vulnerable, and he's the best answer of the two men standing.

    But my real beef is with the press. I see a striking similarity netween them and the Gadianton Robbers who worked secretly to subvert the voice of the people in order to place a man of their choosing in power. Their methods may have been different, but the goal is the same. Where they used swords, the press uses a pen, and isn't it interesting what they say about the pen and the sword?

    As citizens, we have more than a right, but an obligation to steer the course of America. We must choose very wisely, and those choices should be based on truth, which is becoming increasingly difficult to discern. I want to hug my kids, but I also want to leave them a world where truth and freedom are more than historic slogans.

    Let all comers speak their piece, debate and argue, but let the people hear what they actually say, and base their decisions on that. I'll go with the voice of the people, and if that voice takes us to paths I disagree with, I'll pray harder and hope for the best. But let truth be the basis of that decision.

    Thanks for a good discussion.