Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm tired tonight, but it's a good tired. One of the best tireds ever. I spent the day volunteering at the Bishop's Storehouse here in Maryland, filling orders and re-stocking shelves. The people are wonderful, the work is satisfying and a feeling of peace washes over you like a warm blanket, making you feel safe and secure over this physical manifestation of the Lord's concern and love for each of us.

And it's not just the fully-stocked shelves that bring this feeling of peace. It's the people and the system--caring Relief Society Presidents who travel long distances to fill orders for families in their care, and Bishops who are watching over their flock, assessing and addressing their needs. There are volunteers and missionaries, so caught up in the spirit of this special place that they get giddy when it's time to carry another box in and fill in a space left by a patron's order.

It's a special place. Actually, it's a special spirit. And I suppose we all find a portion of that same spirit every time we share or help or just care. So tonight, my feet hurt and I'm tired. And so very content. It was a great day.

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