Thursday, February 12, 2009


This week I have a stake assignment pressing upon me like an anvil, a new manuscript that is barely developed enough to deserve the title, and eleven family members are arriving shortly for the blessing of little Brady. And then I got sick with teeth-chattering chills, a pounding headache and the Mike Tyson effect--muscles and joints that ached as if they had gone seven rounds in a very small ring with ole Smiley.

But it was luscious. Well, let me put it this way . . . it became luscious after I surrendered to my situation and accepted the fact that I was unable to sit at the computer, which also meant that some of my grand and glorious plans would now have to be less grand and more adequate. I fought it for a hour or two, accomplishing little other than raising the bar on self-pity. And then, accepting that the axis of the earth would not shift if I took a sick day--I did just that! And that's when the luscious part began.

I made some noodle soup, grabbed a water bottle and a great book, and snuggled under ALL the covers, even the heavy one that ladies in my stage of life can NEVER tolerate. Yes, I needed them all. I raised the head and feet of my adjustable bed,(bless Tom for recommending this indulgence), propped a few pillows on either side of me, and settled in to read my book.

My choice was Counting the Cost by Liz Adair, a bittersweet love story exquisitely crafted with characters you come to love so much that you find yourself crying out, "No, no! Don't do it!" before setting the book aside to avoid the inevitable. It was sweet torture to spend the day with these characters . . . guilt-free because, after all . . I was sick!

I love my body. Well, not really of course . . . but speaking metaphorically, bodies are sometimes like good mommies who know when you've pushed too hard, even when you won't admit it. Sometimes they simply say, "Now turn that computer off and take yourself straight to bed, young lady!" Ain't it grand?

I was much better the very next day, the work was still waiting for me and I'll manage. But how grateful I am for my sick day. I begged off all unwanted calls, let the dishes go for day, disregarded the laundry and the earth's axis did stay put.

Maybe I'll just start pencilling one in every now and then. Just for fun. In fact, maybe we all should.


  1. I had one of those days last week, too, Laurie. It was Pride and Prejudice for me, every DVD edition I could get my hand on.

    But, I'm glad you chose to spend your 'day off' with Heck Benham.

  2. We're on a similar path. Some friends and I got together to view the A&E version of P&P last week. All five hours in a day! How fun.

    I can see some similarities between Heck and Mr. Darby--gentlemen fighting to maintain the values despite overwhelming passion. I hope to finish it tonight!

  3. Unfortunately, my sick days can't be like that yet! I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now and if I could just pause my life for a day or two, I might get better! Lucky you - though one day when my kids are gone, I'll wish them back again! Glad your feeling better and hope you have a wonderful visit with the family!